ClickMeeting Review 2020

ClickMeeting is a webinar platform that allows companies of all sizes, from enterprises to startups to run powerful webinars that engage the audience. With ClickMeeting, you can control how you interact with other participants, from surveys and polls to rebranding webinars that match your company’s image. Other important features include private chat, screen sharing, webinar statistics, multi-user sub-accounts, chat-to-text translations, as well as audio and video recording.

What is ClickMeeting?

Founded in 2010, ClickMeeting is a popular online conferencing software that offers clients and users a great way to connect. ClickMeeting is a cloud-based platform offering high-quality streaming video and audio. This video conference app offers a wide range of useful features and tools besides its crystal-clear audio and video. This wonderful software allows around 1000 people to come together. It is a web-based solution that covers the complete webinar process and is easy-to-use right from preparation to presentation, from interaction to follow-up – you can do everything with the software. This platform is totally browser-based, there is no software installation required.

Talking about the interface, this software has a dead easy interface that makes the whole webinar setup simple and fast. Some of our favorite features include surveys and polls for the audience, screen sharing for better presentation delivery, built-in chat for private messaging or groups, a waiting room with an agenda so participants can get on the same page while they wait for the meeting to begin and a whiteboard function for drawing and brainstorming. Click meeting also offers webinar recording and storage, as well as personalized invites and customized webinar rooms. The company also provides live streaming on social media sites such as YouTube and Twitter.

What are the Features of ClickMeeting?

Webinar Scheduling

With the webinar scheduling feature, you can access all of your past and future webinars easily and view all of your stats from one place. With this tool, you can also create new events from the initial phase or even reuse your previous webinars to reach the new target group. This saves a lot of time since webinars do not have to be created every time.

User-Friendly Registration Page

On the user-friendly registration page, you can quickly fill your webinar room by allowing your users to participate in a one-touch registration process that will help you build a solid relationship with them.

Waiting Room with Agenda

This software also has one of the most interesting features, called the “waiting room with agenda”, which will keep your audience highly engaged long before the webinar. It helps participants to know what will be included in the webinar. Also, you can also share important files and messages if you want your attendees to be informed before the webinar begins.

User-friendly Control Panel

ClickMeeting has a very simple to use user interface that is easy to navigate. Because mistakes in live events occur more often than you think. If you try to manage several things at the same time, you can make mistakes. For example, you can give presentations to your participants while answering audio questions while two people are on the screen at the same time. So if it’s organized intuitively, it is easy to manage these things simultaneously. In the control panel, different options are available to the users. You can schedule an event, invite attendees, and then enter your room and start your event.


This will let you manage your events well. Here you will get detailed information about your past events, current events, and upcoming events as well. You can export this data to a CSV file or generate a PDF file.

Hosting Webinars Independently

No matter whether it is a PC, tablet, or smartphone, you can conduct your webinars on any device. It works perfectly and they have apps for iOS and Android to make hosting your webinars easier.

Below are some features that can help in using this software to run your webinars.

  • Webinar room
  • Social sharing
  • Online meetings
  • Whiteboard
  • Polls and surveys
  • Toll-free phone numbers
  • Presentation
  • Audio and video
  • Audio modes
  • ClickMeeting Mobile App

Fast Live Interactions

Live interactions are very important for the success of a webinar. Webinar platforms can have different limitations when it comes to conducting live interactions with attendees. First, the controls for live interaction with your audience during a live broadcast should be easy to used to avoid blunders and confusion.

Regardless of whether you want attendees to chat with you or want to illustrate an idea using a whiteboard, finding options for it should be easy. You also need to be able to interact with your audience in different ways. Chatting is good, but surveys are sometimes the ideal way to interact. Also, it simplifies the polling process so you can speak live to your audience and even get queries from your audience so you can answer them later.

Furthermore, ClickMeeting offers video conferencing functions to improve communication with its participants. If you just want to hear audio, you can also create a toll-free number that people can use to connect from their phone while they are attending your webinar.

Webinar Recording

Once your event ends, the recordings will be available for download. It may take up to one hour sometimes. When you record your webinar, you will be able to send replays to those who could not attend the live session. In the future, you can use this webinar tool to create an evergreen webinar.

File Storage

ClickMeeting also has a file storage option. Here, you can save and download documents and share them anywhere in the universe regardless of operating system or device.

Comprehensive Analytics

When organizing a webinar, analytics is considered very important. In order for you to organize a better webinar in the future, this helps you know how the webinar is doing (how many people are taking action, how many are listening, etc.).

Additionally, you get to see a total number of sessions broken down by month, the three countries with the most participants in your events, and the total number of attendees. You can also filter the results per day and per month. You can export this data to a CSV file or generate a PDF file. This software provides you with exceptional features so you can easily evaluate the results of your webinar. To thoroughly evaluate the results of your webinar, you will get the following excellent features.

  • Social Media Sharing
  • Webinar and participant statistics
  • Performance evaluation
  • Webinar Recording, etc.

So, check and export the comprehensive information of your organized webinars from your control panel. Determine the number of people currently viewing your webinars so you can monitor trends among attendees easily.

ClickMeeting Branding

Are you really interested in your brand? If you want a constant brand impact on your audience, the best thing to do is to try this webinar tool. You can change the name of your user interface as desired. ClickMeeting then takes your rebranding requirements seriously and allows you to change the name of your webinar room, your waiting room, and your email notifications.

With this tool, you can rename and use pre-installed templates. The program is incredibly flexible if you want to start with professional email templates, a clear brand image, and eye-catching call-to-action buttons.


This video conferencing service provides hundreds of integrations for Dropbox, Adobe, Microsoft Office, Salesforce, and other common third party software apps. Click meeting also provides an open API that gives developers the access they need to create integrations into other in-house built applications or apps.

Pricing of ClickMeeting

There are 3 webinar plans available at ClickMeeting. Unlike other webinar services that are billed per host, ClickMeeting’s cost structure depends on the number of people you want in your webinar. The MyWebinars plan of ClickMeeting starts at $30 a month and includes 25 participants and 2 presenters. You can increase your participant’s number to 50 for $39, and $79 a month supports up to 100 participants.

For $309 a month, you can host webinars that can accommodate up to 1,000 participants. The plan includes 4 video streams and you can save up to 6 hours of recording time. Other features include 1 GB of file storage, a whiteboard, screen controls, a landing page for events, a call to action, a private chat, surveys, and questions and answers. There is also a rebranding tool and the ability to host paid webinars and on-demand webinars.

MyWebinars Pro is the next pricing plan, and it supports 25 participants and 3 presenters for $45 a month. The number of participants can be increased to 50 for $55 a month or to 100 participants for $95 a month. The Automated plan includes every feature in the Live plan, plus 2 GB of file storage, 10 hours of recording, HD video, and three sub-accounts for users. You can also automatically stream to YouTube and Facebook, host on-demand webinars, and automatically publish recorded webinars to Dropbox.

The Enterprise plan from ClickMeeting is aimed at an audience of 500 to 5,000 people. The price depends on your specific requirements, and the volume required for the webinar. If you pay annually instead of monthly, the prices for all webinar plans drop by about 20%.

In addition to its subscription bundles, ClickMeeting also has optional add-ons that can improve your service. For example, you can simply buy more space to add to your original plan if you need extra recording space but don’t want to pay for next year’s subscription. Some add-ons include additional participants and presenters, additional file storage, additional video sources, and the ability to hold simultaneous sessions on the same account.

Whom is ClickMeeting Best Suited for?


ClickMeeting is a useful tool for teachers to train students, impart unique skills, and share knowledge. Teachers can use this as an extension of the physical classroom that can be used for monetization. This is beneficial for educators with unique niches so they can reach interested students from all over the world.

Training and Onboarding

With ClickMeeting, a large company can hire new employees and train existing ones. Because the solution supports special tokens, the company can guarantee that only authorized users can attend the webinars. This allows organizations to protect all confidential information that can be shared during the sessions. In addition, this solution saves the company time and money by eliminating the need to bring people together at a specific time and place.

Customer Education and Product Demos

ClickMeeting is an excellent tool for showing product demonstrations and educating your customers. In this way, potential customers and current customers can learn more about your products and services. In this sense, the ability to share the screen and the question and answer feature is useful because the public can voice their questions and get answers in return. This also enables the company to gain new leads that are accessible to the sales team through marketing automation tools and CRM.

Customer Reviews of ClickMeeting

One of ClickMeeting’s main qualities is the ease of use of the software. It can be run in your PC browser without the need to download any software. You can use your microphone and webcam just like any other application, software, or add-ons. Many users found the interface free of clutter and simple to use. Tasks related to setting up and scheduling your webinar are easy to do and there are many ways to invite participants, including sharing a webinar link or having the platform send them an email.

ClickMeeting reviews came from people who use the service for a variety of purposes. Some use it to hold virtual meetings with team members from around the world, others use it to demonstrate products or attract new customers, while others organize remote learning and coaching programs. This show how versatile the software is because it can be beneficial for companies of all sizes, no matter the industry.

Another feature of ClickMeeting that many reviewers have spoken highly positive about is the software’s ability to store several hours of content in the cloud and make it available subsequently. This is very helpful if you want to reuse the webinar content later – uploading it to your website so that people who were unable to attend the live event can see it.

The interactive features of the software have also been discussed in many reviews. Overall, users were very pleased that this webinar tool allowed for different methods of mutual participation. For example, you can allow participants to communicate with you through an audio chat or by allowing certain people to speak. This feature is ideal if you want to answer questions after finishing a presentation, or if you want to host a virtual meeting that anyone can attend.

However, no webinar platform is perfect. While most said the software worked correctly, some experienced slow performance and interruptions when using the screensharing function or audio that sometimes plays and stops. However, you should be aware that ClickMeeting developers take quality very seriously and often roll out updates to their cloud platform to help fix bugs and reported performance issues.

Overall, the reviewers agree that ClickMeeting’s positives far outweigh the negatives. The webinar software is a highly versatile tool for anyone wanting to stream webinars or conduct interactive online meetings, whether just a handful of participants or several dozen participants are present.


ClickMeeting’s wide range of features, user-friendly interface, and high quality make it a great choice for a video conferencing platform that can host webinars for hundreds or thousands of people at the same time.


ClickMeeting is incredibly easy to navigate and requires little learning. The user interface is very simple, and the dashboard is very simple. This makes scheduling meetings, creating conference rooms, and sharing webinar links with meeting attendees straightforward.

ClickMeeting has a lot to offer with its extensive list of features, but the free, no-obligation trial helps you learn all it offers. ClickMeeting runs reliably and smoothly, and the features are very simple to access. The company offers a free 30-day trial without credit card or cancellation. Thus, you can safely test the application quickly, without having to worry about getting stuck in a contract after the testing phase ends.

Another plus point is that no additional conference service is required as ClickMeeting offers participants the ability to call in to each meeting by phone. This allows you to open your webinar to those who are not on their computer or tablet at the beginning of the webinar. When attendees receive a meeting invitation, they receive a link to connect online and a phone number. Although callers cannot watch video broadcasts, they can still hear and participate in audio and comments, just like someone connected to your computer.


ClickMeeting does not have a customer service hotline, but support is available by email. Also, the webinar platform maintains a live chat channel that’s only available from Monday through Friday, from 3 am – 5 pm ET. However, there are tutorial videos on the website that are very helpful in helping users to solve their own problems.

Another negative of ClickMeeting is that it is not designed to host regular and daily video conferencing types. ClickMeeting is best for those who want to host recurring webinars.


For ClickMeeting Customer Support and Login details please click here.

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