EverWebinar Review (2020)

A webinar is an online seminar that turns a presentation to a real-time conversation. A large group of people can engage in a conversation, training events, or even online discussion. A webinar allows the presenter to share documents, slides, and audio and make a pitch made to the audience when the audience is warm enough. Before we review EverWebinar it is important to understand how Automated Webinars work.

Are webinars effective?

InsideSales.com indicates that 73% of marketing and sales leaders agree that webinars are among the best ways to generate quality leads.

The average attendance rate on a webinar hosted on Livestorm across all industries is 46%. Also, as per a study conducted by On24 in 2020,  56% of registrants convert to attendees.

What is the optimal length of a webinar?

As per a study conducted by On24, the optimal length of a webinar depends on the content, topic, program goals, and audience. Most webinars last about an hour.

In 2018 the average viewing time of a webinar was 58 minutes. This included a ten to 15 minute Q&A session. That means people still watch webinars.

Today, we look at EverWebinar, one of the automated webinar platforms.

What is an automated webinar?


automated webinar everwebinar












Automated webinars are pre-recorded, live simulated online webinars that can be hosted anytime with minimal resources.

Automation simply means the webinar isn’t live and that it can be played over and over again to the intended audience.

Do automated webinars work?

An automated webinar is not a “set and forget it” marketing strategy.

No. It does not work like that.

Before you think of creating an automated webinar, you need to address some pertinent factors and considerations.

  • First, what reasons will make you believe that automated webinars work? Is an automated webinar the best way to communicate your message to your intended audience?
  • Second, is there any reason that makes them not work? And, how can you avoid such pitfalls?
  • Third, Will people watch your webinar to the end?

How do you win customers with your automated webinars?

Be Honest

Always tell your audience that you webinar is pre-recorded. From there, your audience can decide whether to continue watching or not.

Some presenters openly claim that their automated webinars are live while others may fail to mention it is pre-recoded. The worst part is; some people even add a “chat” sidebar just to give an impression it is happening in real-time.

Manipulating or lying to your audience isn’t a stable foundation for a sustainable business.

Remember, you build your brand based on the truth!

Not filming for automation can cost you

While recording your video in conversational tone looks warm, the approach may not yield results.

Look, most entrepreneurs may be tempted to repackage a live video lesson for automation. It wrong, disingenuous, and passes off as laziness.

Curate your tone to fit in an automated style. Consciously avoid live language. Start with recording your automated webinar and then make edits as required. Trust me; it can be even better than a live webinar.

Ensure you have a valuable interaction with your audience.

Always engage your audience to the extent that they’ll submit questions to your inbox without leaving your webinar.

That means you have to solicit responses as well as questions from your audience. There may be a delay in responses and submissions, but still, it is valuable.

Strive just not to inform your audience. Just because you are not there doesn’t mean that the flow of your webinar should not be impactful. You should be able to get your message across by following a structured approach in your automated webinar in order to achieve the desired outcome.

What’s the next step after the automated webinar?

Creating an automated webinar is just the beginning of a converting conversation with your audience.

You need to create an additional step to move your audience down the funnel in order to convert your audience to customers.

One best way to higher conversion is embedding a sales offer into your automated webinar, though not all attendees will grab the offer immediately.

Again, you can use the solid follow-up email sequence which means that you can send out follow-up emails for the people who watched your webinar but did not sign up for your offer. It is also a good idea to email all people who signed up but did not watch the webinar informing them about the offer they missed.

With these four points, you can make an automated webinar very effective.

Not all people can make time for a live presentation at the appointed time. Still, those who are present may sometimes wish to review or replay the video, just to grasp the content in details or for someone who isn’t aware.

For a webinar to successful, the content must be top-notch, i.e., timely, relevant, and curated for the audience. For example, if you are planning an upcoming product launch or course then running a series of webinars related to the course is the best way to pre-warm the audience.

What are some of the problems while recording live webinars?

Let’s look at some problems you might encounter while recording a live webinar:

Unexpected visitors

Unexpected visitors usually interrupt your video chat. More often, this occurs when you work from home. Your spouse, kids, or even pets, can be a source of interruption.

Avoid this by having a dedicated office for your live video calls, where there is likely less interference to occur.

Inadequate preparations

Webinar attendees expect that the presenter must have made an effort to prepare his/her presentation. The information must be well thought and organized and should get your message across.

Practice how your webinar works, get hold of your PowerPoint. Rehearse.

If you have multiple presenters, have them on the same page. Let them do a thorough rehearsal with you.

A successful webinar is a result of a conscious, concerted effort between all necessary parties.

Finding the right time

It might difficult for you to get all your audience at one time, considering that they live in different time zones. Again, some may just be too busy. It means what perfect timing for one person is, is not fit another person.

In such cases, you may have to consider a replay for different audiences across different time zones.

Internet problems

Internet issues are major issues leading to technical issues during a live webinar. You’ll probably experience broken audio, slides failing to move, complete loss of connection, etc. in such a case, you fail to deliver the intended information in the right manner. You have to ensure that you are connected to a strong and stable internet connection while recording your webinar.

Browser problems

Clearly be aware and communicate the internet browser requirements to your audience in order to make sure they do not have problems while watching the webinar.

Whom are automated webinars best suited for?

Automated webinars are suitable for the following type of users:

  • Bloggers: Bloggers can get face-to-face interaction with their loyal fans and readers. They can then offer free advice, sell coaching programs, among other services.
  • Human Resources Managers: They can use this platform to train entire teams, even remotely, over and over again using the same webinar content
  • B2B Companies: B2B companies can save a lot of time as well as money by an automated demo of their products. Automated webinars are an effective lead magnet to collect qualified lead emails of people who have intent and interest in your product.
  • Ecommerce Products: Webinars can be a great place to sell ecommerce products. Simply place together a bunch of products and promote them to your attendees on an automated webinar. With proper marketing skills, you can make more money in a day than would make in a month.
  • Software (Saas) Companies: Such companies can use evergreen webinars to educate their customers and showcase their products.
  • Educators: Automated webinars offer a chance to educators to teach the same content over and over again. This also keeps the students engaged with the ‘live’ video environment.

How do you get your audience to register for an automated webinar?

Here are some ways:

  • Email: if you have an email listing, send emails about your webinar using your preferred email provider or Mailchimp
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, among others, are a better place to post your webinar
  • Groups and Forums: Find engaging forums online where you can share information about your webinar
  • Paid ads: You can run paid ads on platforms like Facebook to get users to sign-up for your webinar

What is EverWebinar?

automated webinar everwebinar


EverWebinar is an automated webinar platform that allows you to create a pre-recorded webinar that has a look and feel of a live webinar.  You then replay the content as many times as necessary.

EverWebinar = Create a webinar once and replay over and over to your audience.

What is the benefit of using EverWebinar? Is it just a recording of an old webinar?

EverWebinar is the easiest way for a businesses to earn more without putting much effort. The models employ two powerful marketing strategies and trends in the business world today, i.e., event-based marketing and marketing automation.

The idea is to introduce products with spectacular media-driven shows. In the world of virtual events, usually, when the buzz of events cools off, entrepreneurs will need to start all over again. In short they are required to repeat all the steps necessary in webinar marketing.

However, EverWebinar’s automation system and reuse features, which use the “work once, profit multiple times” concept, can save business people a great amount of time, money and effort.

The EverWebinar software allows you to create a webinar presentation with all necessary marketing materials such as email notifications and reminders, landing pages, social media promotions, etc. Further, you can run the entire process on autopilot.

As opposed to a live webinar where you can do a sales presentation only once a week, using EverWebinar allows you to do unlimited presentations in a week without necessarily being there.

What are the features of EverWebinar?

Its main features are:

Customized scheduling

You can deliver your webinar to your attendees as many times as you wish. The software has a unique way of scheduling events on selected specific days and time zones, but it should be according to what works best for your attendees.

Specifically, flexible scheduling can be used in cases where you have to schedule your webinar multiple times a day or during the week. EverWebinar also allows you to set up your webinar to begin in the next 15 minutes continuously by using the “just-in-time” feature.

Combine automated and live

As much as EverWebinar is consider to be an automated tool, it allows you to join a recorded presentation so that you can answer questions live.

Just-in-time webinars

This feature allows you to start using the automated webinar within minutes after registration. Unlike other automated webinars, EverWebinar has no waiting or scheduling time after you sign up. That means, once your attendees sign up, they’ll start consuming your content right away. The advantage of this feature is that there is less chance that attendees will skip joining the webinar after registration.

Email and SMS reminders

The registered audience will receive an automated email notification and SMS on the morning of the webinar and 15 minutes before the webinar starts. They will also receive a follow up email with a recorded replay of the webinar

Integrates seamlessly with WebinarJam

WebinarJam is the one of the leading webinar platforms. Once you sign up for EverWebinar you only need a single click of the button to convert a live webinar from WebinarJam into an automated webinar. The advantage off this seamless integration is that you will keep all your stats, chats, and videos in a single, convenient, easy-to-access, location. So if you use WebinarJam as your live webinar tool, then EverWebinar software is ideal for you. A point to note is that you have to procure the EverWebinar platform separately.

Dynamic attendee display

This feature makes your webinar feel live. Typically, it mimics a live event, which makes your attendees feel as if there are many people, even if there is only a single person.

Normally, attendance in a webinar is dynamic because people join and leave the webinar as it progresses. EverWebinar replicates that behaviour. The software allows you to choose a pre-defined desired attendance peak based on which it will build up attendance count progressively to the peak and then the automatically progressively reduce it as the webinar goes on. You also have the option to keep your attendance level hidden by disabling the audience count.

Active product offers

The purpose of any webinar is to convert your attendees to customers which is usually done by creating a special offer for the attendees to incentivise them to act instantly, i.e., buy your products.

EverWebinar allows you to create such live offers and exhibit them to your attendees in a visually captivating manner. This feature allows you to infuse a sense of scarcity and urgency. You can achieve this by limiting the number of available copies or activate the countdown clock/expiration countdown.

Simulated live chat

It offers a simulated interaction, which is the best way to get conversions. You can import chat history from a previous webinar which can be viewed by the audience in real time.

You can also  pre-schedule questions and answers, which will appear in the live chatbox. If the customers have additional questions they can submit the questions in the question box which will be forwarded to the presenter via email.

This will create a live and engaging environment without actually being around.

Live sales alerts

EverWebinar allows users to show attendees how other people in the room are making purchases by exhibiting pop up alerts to encourage them to buy.

Professionally pre-made landing pages

EverWebinar has dozens of landing page templates and allows users to customize the contents of the template to suit your style. Customizations include changing the text, the colour, images and logos as well as uploading videos among others.

EverWebinar also has a feature that allows for split testing i.e it allows users to use two designs for their landing page in case they are not sure which design to settle on. It tracks all events in real-time and points out which design brought more registrants to the event.

In summary, you get point-and-click templates, mobile responsive, easy split-testing, and free unlimited hosting.

Automated Integrations

EverWebinar integrates with a wide range of tools including autoresponders or CRM tools.

HD resolution

Higher quality resolution is important to make your presentation a success. EverWebinar works with HD 30 FPS, which is a guarantee of high-quality video and audio broadcasting. But you need to have a stable internet connection and a functional average home computer.

Waiting room video

EverWebinar allows users to pre-record a custom video to play for customers while they are waiting for the webinar to begin.


EverWebinar delivers performance statistics in real-time. This is ideal for marketers who send paid traffic to their webinars. They can keep track of important metrics, e.g., click-through ratios, dollar-per-signup, among others.

EverWebinar versus Stealth Seminar

There is a lot to compare these two platforms.

Nonetheless, both of them are powerful as they will make your customers stay glued to the screen.

Stealth software is all about funnelling more leads within a short time in an automated way. Additionally, it can help you maximize conversions.

Feature-wise, Stealth is almost at par with EverWebinar in some aspects, though not entirely.

For instance, when it comes to scheduling, the two software are similar.

When it comes to customization features, EverWebinar has the upper hand, especially when it comes to watching page themes and templates.

Automated live chat is easier to use and looks better on EverWebinar. You get options to disable chat, enable live chat or display a question box.

These are just a few features.

On a general note, EverWebinar looks better than Stealth seminar for the following reasons:

  • Easy to use
  • No payment to have simultaneous attendees
  • Broadcast rooms look better, i.e., as if they are running live

Customer reviews of EverWebinar

EverWebinar is undoubtedly one of the most popular webinar automation platforms.

Many users like that the software is intuitive to use, and it will get you started with unimaginable speed. For most customers, the idea that they do not need to generate a separate landing page is time and money-saving. Customers have commented that they like that EverWebinar offer multiple options of built-in landing pages, which are built on best practices such as countdown timers. Customers also like EverWebinar’s features that allow them to add clickable Call to Action during the webinar and allows them to integrate easily with other Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and marketing automation tools.

Additionally, customers like the option to tag each attendee according to their level of activity, and send them different email autoresponders as per their activities. This is a unique feature of EverWebinar.

Users have also commented on the other benefits of EverWebinar including the numerous features for “on-demand” webinars like tracking attendees and if the attendees have stayed long enough to see the “Call to Action” or not.

EverWebinar has its shortcomings. For instance, the support ticketing system is a little complicated for most users. Similarly, there is a lot of push for training and consultancy, which can be annoying. Some customers have also complained that understanding the pricing plan is a bit difficult.

EverWebinar pricing

EverWebinar is one of the most affordable webinars you can get, and it is easy to use. The good thing is that you get a 30 day trial period with your software. If you are not satisfied you can cancel at any time.

As per the EverWebinar website you will get a full refund provided your request is made to their customer support team within the three day trial period after the purchase.

They have three plans:

  • Instalment plan
  • Annual plan
  • Biennial plan


Check out the pricing table below to see EverWebinar’s pricing plans.


everwebinar pricing


The EverWebinar instalment plan

Under this plan you have to pay $199 three times a year. That means you’ll be spending $597 in one year.

This plan comes with the following packs:

  • Automated webinars
  • Pre-made landing pages
  • Advanced simulation tools
  • Efficient 24/7 Support

If you’d like to spread their payment throughout the year, this option is ideal for you.

EverWebinar Annual Plan

The annual plan cost is $499. With this plan, you save $98 compared to the instalment plan.

Undoubtedly, this is a better plan in terms of saving, and it comes with packs similar to the instalment plan:

  • Automated webinars
  • Pre-made landing pages
  • Advanced simulation tools
  • Efficient 24/7 Support

EverWebinar Two Year/Biennial Plan

With this plan, you make payment once in every two years.

The amount you pay is $799.

Compared to the first plan, you save $395 and $199 compared to the second plan.

You should consider choosing this plan if you will use your EverWebinar for a long-term.

It features the below packs:

  • Automated webinars
  • Pre-made landing pages
  • Advanced simulation tools
  • Efficient 24/7 Support

Check out the chart below for details:

When it comes to choosing to price plan, it depends on how long you want to use the webinar and your marketing budget.

For people intending to use the webinars as part of their mid to long term marketing strategy, an ideal plan is a two-year plan. The program allows you to save a lot of money while getting multiple features at your disposal.



Like other webinar platforms, EverWebinar comes with both advantages and disadvantages for its users.

The common pros that users get include:

  • EverWebinar lets you deliver your message several times
  • EverWebinar has some very useful features such as simulated live chat, automatic integration, dynamic attendees display etc. which allow users to get best of both worlds i.e. Automated and non-automated webinar platforms
  • You do not need to be physically present to deliver an automated webinar
  • You can take your time to create a perfect webinar through countless edits and practice

However, there are some disadvantages in using an automated webinar platform like EverWebinar.

There is no interaction between the presenter and attendees

  • If wrongly done, it may impact the objective that the webinar is trying to achieve
  • Automated webinars can come off as a cheaper alternative if not recorded professionally
  • It takes a lot of effort, time and resources to create automated webinars
  • It is difficult to reference time-sensitive events into the webinar





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