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Livestorm is likely the most useful webinar platform for businesses with full automation. It offers advanced marketing automation, including integrations, reminders, invites, and advanced analytics. This webinar service offers a platform for streaming the highest quality live productions and how you use it is up to you. In addition, you can use the analytics platform to monitor the number of participants and attendance rates of your target group minute by minute. With Livestorm, you can customize and design your own landing pages, register them in software, and integrate them into streaming services such as Twitch and YouTube Live.

What is Livestorm?

Livestorm is a browser-based webinar platform that makes organizing online events simple and efficient. It fully works from the browser with no download needed for participants or hosts, thus increasing attendance rate. The software allows you to perform product demos that can help enhance the sales process. Training customers online can be more productive as participants can exchange questions and share exclusive updates in live sessions. With Livestorm, online courses can be taken and feedback on lessons can be collected.

The webinar software can be used for different interviews, from the assessment of candidates to the presentation of guest speakers. Live events can be streamed online using the engagement functionality of the software. Also, users can host questions and answers in real-time and record all requests using built-in tools. Livestorm has features not only to carry out these online activities, but also tools for post-webinar analysis, lead management, and audience segmentation.

What are the Features of Livestorm?

Recurring Events

Recurring Webinars allows you to host a webinar with multiple sessions and keep the same landing page. With pre-recorded webinars, you don’t have to worry about presenting. Simply pre-record your webinar session and click pay. On-demand webinars allow the host to organize webinars 24/7, thus putting your webinars on autopilot. Live even streaming webinars allows you to embed YouTube Live streams and others, instead of the regular Livestorm stream.

Unlimited HD (High Definition) Webinars

Livestorm allows you to host as many online seminars as you want in HD depending on your bandwidth. You can share your entire screen or just an app with your participants. You need not download any software to use this webinar platform. All you need is a modern browser and a URL. Also, you can share any video or a pre-recorded screencast during your webinar.

Real-time Chat

With Livestorm, you can chat, exchange links, ideas, and engage with your attendees in real-time. During your webinar, Livestorm offers an important twist on audience interaction as it allows your participants to upvote and sends questions either privately or publicly. This not only encourages your participants to interact with the webinar content but it also gives the host the opportunity to manage the limited question and answers time by focusing on those questions important to the audience. Real-time reusable polls allow you to create or reuse polls and survey your audience, so you can see results in real-time. Livestorm also allows you to invite a speaker from your audience or from your contributors.

Custom Registration Page

Livestorm will ensure your visitors recognize your brand as you can easily add your cover image, your logo, and your colors. You can also embed your registration forms on your website. This webinar platform’s landing page template lays out important webinar details along with a catchy “Register and Share” call to action. Livestorm’s preset fields allow you to create custom fields, so you can reorder or make them mandatory.

Analytics and Reports

Analytics reports track the number of participants at your webinar session and the level of engagement. You can track the source of every registration by capturing the referrers and UTMs for any webinar registrants. Inspect any registrant profile by clicking on any registrant to open up a panel. The panel shows detailed information about the registrants. The detailed attendance analytics allows you to know when your attendees left the webinar room.

Webinar Recordings

Livestorm instant webinar recordings allow you to instantly get your recording so your attendees can re (watch) it. The replays are stored forever on the platform so you never have to worry about replay storage capacity.

Automatic Email Reminders

Livestorm’s automated email reminders are worth special mention. Its emailing logistics allow you to send promotional emails to invite contacts to your webinars with a very simple emailing tool. These emails highlight important information about the webinar and prompt actions, such as “Share This Webinar” and “Add to Calendar”. You can also send automated reminders and follow-ups to increase your attendee rate. Livestorm offers real-time information on the webinar email delivery so you can see the status of your emails. Additionally, you can customize the messaging and branding in these emails and decide which emails you would like Livestorm to send – start-time reminders, 1-hour reminders, thank you emails to participants, as well as follow-up emails to those who could not attend.

Data Integration

Getting data is one thing, making it actionable is another, Livestorm provides integrations with over 1,000 apps through Zapier. Also, you can integrate a Twitch, Livestream, YouTube Live, or other video streams into the webinar room. With Livestorm’s native integrations, you can synchronize your participants with Pipedrive or HubSpot. This webinar service allows you to add Drift, Intercom, and Google analytics to your registration pages.

Multi-Language Support

Livestorm supports multiple languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Polish, Norwegian, Italian, Finnish, Turkish, Czech, and Lithuanian. You can either set the default language or change it yourself during the webinar session.

Livestorm Pricing

Livestorm comes with four paid solutions to help you choose the plan that best suits you. Check out these plans:

They also offer a free solution which does not require a credit card. The only limitation is that it restricts number of participants to 4 per meeting, number of registrants to 10 and has a 20 minutes limit to the webinar duration. To check out the free package click on this link.

Webinar and Meetings Basic:

With this package, you can host an unlimited number of webinars, on-demand webinars, meetings, and all other functions. Surprisingly, this plan does not charge any money for all of these functions. However, there is only a limit of 10 registrants, a limit of 20 minutes, 1 meeting room, and 4 participants per meeting.

Webinar Premium:

You can only purchase this plan for $109 per month. With this plan, you benefit from an unlimited number of webinars, on-demand webinars, moderators, a limit of 4 hours per webinar session, and up to 100 participants. These attendee numbers can be increased to 250 or 1,000 for $209 or $319, respectively.

Meet Premium:

You only need to pay $39 per month for this plan. With this plan, you get an unlimited number of meetings, meeting rooms, and up to 8 participants.


To get this package, you have to contact this webinar software vendor.

Whom is Livestorm Best Suited for?

Livestorm is probably the best webinar service for businesses with full automation in mind. From email reminders to landing pages and webinar recordings, it is all configured for you. It is perfect for sales webinars, marketing webinars, live Q&A sessions, interviews, live training, group demos, customer onboarding, web summits, and many more.

Sales Webinars

Livestorm is a very powerful sales tool. You can easily engage your audience and kill objections with real-time streaming and interactive chat. Their automation rules allow the host to track various segments of your audience in various ways to complete a sale. With the chat message feature, social evidence or testimonials can be displayed to promote your offer to your potential customers effectively. And of course, resources can be used to display offers in a beautiful and efficient way.

Marketing Webinars

Most of the features created in Livestorm were created with the goal of making webinars more effective. Advanced targeting, real-time engagement, actionable analytics, automation, in-depth tracking, as well as in-webinar features such as handouts, polls, featured chat, and call-to-action have been built to help improve your webinars.

Live Training and Q&A Sessions

For question & answer and training sessions, it is very important to get feedback in real-time. A delay of 30 seconds while streaming is just insufficient for you. Live streaming occurs in real-time with Livestorm. When you ask your audience a question, you get answers and feedback from them almost immediately. Webinar sessions are automatically recorded so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to hit the “Record” button. Also, you can ask Livestorm to send the replay link to your audience automatically.

Group Demos and Onboarding

Webinars are the ideal tool for fostering relationships. Individual demos and onboarding sessions are typically limited to a person. With Livestorm, you can conduct group sessions daily, weekly, and monthly for customers’ onboarding or product demos. Livestorm makes personal interaction with your audience so easy. It makes it possible to segment the hottest leads, the most engaged prospects, as well as the most active customers.

Customer Reviews of Livestorm

What has drawn many people to Livestorm is that the generated data by a webinar can be directed to a variety of applications, including Google Analytics, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zapier. They also like the simplicity to create a webinar and the possibility of extracting a lot of data. For others, the customization of the registration process and the simplicity of branding of different webinars with the duplicate option were the crucial aspects.

Customers felt that the reporting is easy to use and detailed, and the metrics regarding attendance gave them insights into their user base. Also, worthy of note is the ease of replay and on-demand features. Customers praise the fact that they can have 6 different presenters on the screen at once and they need not download any file, as well as the ability to upload presentation slides. Lastly, many customers lauded the outstanding customer support.


Livestorm aims to provide the host and attendee with the best user experience for webinars. The software enables real-time participation when participants have real conversations, take surveys, answer questions, rate themselves with positive votes, etc. Livestorm also offers broadcasters a recording of each session that registered participants can connect to for replays.

Webinars can be more productive if actionable data is effectively captured from the audience. Livestorm solves this problem by utilizing tools to analyze attendees, such as customizable forms for retrieving email addresses, names, job titles, and companies, etc. Important information can be automatically sent to the appropriate sales and marketing campaign staff. Also, Livestorm can export relevant profiles to native integrations or third-party applications.

Businesses don’t have to worry about webinar logistics. Livestorm can be used and accessed from any browser, whether on a mobile device or a desktop computer. Broadcasters can virtually host web events anytime and anywhere, even when they’re abroad. They can even add a custom brand image to a webinar room and registration page.

Online attendance at events is more convenient as the participants can access webinars without restriction using Livestorm. They don’t need to have a Livestorm account or download software. All they need is a web device and a click on an online event widget or link to attend a webinar. Overall, the automation of this platform is excellent, with many customization tools exactly where they should be.


Although the quality of webinar recording has been improved over time, it still doesn’t look as good as that of the original webinar stream session. Some users may want more brand control and other customizations. Attendee support is currently capped at 1,000, which could be a problem for large companies.


Scrambling between multiple settings pages and software programs just before a webinar, ensuring all webinar settings are accurate and the reminders are sent is beyond stressful. Livestorm helps to ease all those last-minute stress with a detailed approach to building your webinar that ensures all key details are accounted for before registration goes live. From the basics – description and title – Livestorm will walk you through all the necessary setup for your webinar while it is still in the “draft mode”.


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