WebinarJam Review 2020

What is WebinarJam?

With the world going digital, webinars have become extremely important to carry out your business efficiently. It not only enables effective communication among the employees but also helps in marketing your products and services.

Talking about multiple webinar options would have been a little difficult, so we thought of focussing on the most popular one in the market – WebinarJam. Through this review, we will read about the software, its features, pros and cons, price and everything that you need to know before spending money. After all, money is precious and nobody would wish to invest in anything wrong.

With more than 50,000 customers, WebinarJam is known for its never-ending list of features, such as password-protected webinar rooms, ease of use, no downloads, outstanding live casting, webinar broadcasting, event streaming, HD quality video and audio with minimal lag time, highly customizable templates, in-built auto-responder and much more. That is why it is the first option for most of the big companies across the world.

The software saves your time by automatically doing all the necessary tasks – from registration to replay of the videos. All you need to do is give it instructions and your task will be done.

WebinarJam can also be used to create webinar registration pages, send across invites and various offers to your attendees without any hassle, analyse the data and keep track of the progress, and last but not the least, schedule events and sessions. The customization feature is what makes it stand out from other similar software applications. You can make the changes in the templates as per the need of your company.

Overall, WebinarJam would be a good option for all those company owners, managers, heads and commoners who are not tech-savvy but have to stay connected with people (audience, employees as well as their customers). The software has brought hundreds of people from different parts of the globe under one roof without any extra expenditure, unnecessary effort, and human resources.

What are the features of WebinarJam?

Now that you have understood what a webinar software does, it is essential to know what all features it should have. This would help you in choosing the right software, without getting confused with a whole lot of options available in the market.

WebinarJam offers some very interesting features which are listed below.

1. Customizable Page Builder:

WebinarJam offers an amazing selection of registration pages templates which you can customize extensively including changing colors, editing text, adding your images, logo, video etc. It also offers the option of rotating two designs so that you can track which one works better for you in terms of number of registrations.

2. Automated Recordings:

The whole of webinar hosting process would be tedious and time-consuming. But what if a software make it automatic for you? Well, WebinarJam comes with a high level of automation. From registration of the attendees to their confirmation, communication through follow up e-mails, etc, everything will be taken care of by the software. It is interesting to note that WebinarJam records the webinar session automatically, which can be replayed later. The recording can also be sent automatically to the people concerned. Just choose the content you want to send and people you want to send it to, the rest will be taken care of.

3. Reminder Notifications:


WebinarJam offers a feature where users can send reminders to registrants via email and SMS with customizable messaging.

4. Be the one in charge with Flexible Scheduling:

The in-built schedule management tool gives you a complete control over your campaign/webinar. Now, you can decide the time interval at which you wish to run the campaign – it can be daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.

5. Post-event communication:

Once the presentation is done, it is important to follow up with your attendees, convince them further, send them proposals and offers, and wait for their final decision. WebinarJam will help you in the best way possible here. The software works on the Boolean logic and gives you advice on the next step that should be taken.

For example, if they register for the webinar, what should you do now? If they miss the session, what should be your response; if they watch the replay, how should you react and more? The software’s auto-responder sends e-mails on your behalf and follow-up with the attendees right from the beginning. The WebinarJam also comes with a feature where you can separate the interested leads from the uninterested ones. This would give you a clearer idea about what to focus on and what to leave.

6. Multiple languages:

As mentioned earlier, WebinarJam brings people from across the world under a single roof. It helps in communicating with people coming from diverse backgrounds and speaking different languages. However, not knowing a particular language can prove to be a restriction for you. And that’s when this software comes to the rescue. WebinarJam comes with a multiple-language feature that allows the attendees to translate any page into their preferred language, thereby making it easy for them to understand. The available language options include English, Brazilian, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Slovak, Russian, Polish, Turkish, and Swedish among others.

7. Interaction with customers:

Customer engagement is important for your webinar to be successful. Therefore, to help your customers interact with you in the easiest manner, WebinarJam comes with the feature of Live chats, Q&A sessions, one-on-one doubt clearing sessions, and more. If you wish your presenter to clear a doubt write in the middle of the webinar, use the available option during the live streaming. Whereas if the attendee wishes to have a chat later and know about anything related to the webinar, the company, or the product being offered, he/she can opt for the one-on-one session.

8. Data Analytics Tool:

The software offers a comprehensive, in-built, and highly advanced data analytics toolkit you’ll get in a webinar platform. With the help of this tool, you can analyse all the important data – number of registrations, people attending the seminar at a given time, number of replays, engagement rate, and more. This would further guide you in targeting the right people who are most likely to make the purchase.

9. Registration in one click:

Half of the time people don’t register for a webinar because of the long registration process. However, WebinarJam will solve the issue for you. You can send the ‘Click to register’ link to all your contacts and wait for them to do the needful. Within a single click, the recipient will be registered for the webinar. This will not only save everybody’s time but also increase attendance. Isn’t that all you were looking for?

10. Highly compatible:

When you look for a webinar platform, compatibility comes up as an issue. But WebinarJam is an exception as it has good compatibility with, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Also, numerous browsers like Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox connects well. A browser like Opera, which is widely used in Scandinavian countries, also works well with this software.

11. Third-party integration:

Another feature that makes the software stand out from the run of the mill is its ability to integrate with e-mail marketing tools, third-part CMRs, shopping carts, and the list goes on. This further makes the software easy to handle and automated.

12. Share as much as you want:

Inclusion of annotations, screen share, face-to-face, slide shows, polls, and surveys video injections and picture-in-picture are few of the many options that can be displayed or shared using the software. It’s important to understand that building trust using substantial information and data is important. The customer would only trust you if you convince them with real facts. And therefore, WebinarJam helps you in doing the same.

13. Multiple-presenters:

The feature of adding up to six presenters is liked by a lot of users. Making a presentation, answering a line of questions, and convincing your attendees over the webinar would be quite a task. But if you have supporters who are equally helping you in the task, the thing will become easy. WebinarJam allows you to add up to 6 people and up to 5,000 attendees in a single presentation to carry on your session efficiently. You can also invite your attendees to join you at any time during the session.

14. Strong Video Quality

One of the critical features of WebinarJam is that it offers high quality video and audio quality with High Definition and 30 FPS features across mobile (iOS, Android), tablet, desktop and laptop devices.

Pricing of WebinarJam


The software is available in three different packages. One is for the beginners, second is for the professionals, and the third named ‘Enterprise’ is for the experts in the field.

The basic plan will cost you $499 per year and is best for the people who are new to webinars and have as less attendees as 500. Make a basic investment of the amount mentioned above and enjoy the services. Under this plan, you can add a maximum of 2 presenters in a single webinar and have as many as 500 attendees. Also, it comes with 24/7 customer care service. You can pay the bill annually.

The pro plan, which is meant for professionals conducting webinars for quite some time now, costs $699 per year. You can pay the bill annually. This plan comes with 4 presenters and 2000 attendees per webinar, which is indeed a good number for a business professional who is trying to expand his business. Here as well, you will get all the required customer service.

Experts who are well aware of the platform and want to use more features for better exposure and growth can opt for the Enterprise plan. This one is great for those who are looking to have fabulous marketing of their product in order to increase sales. It is one of the most expensive plans but we can’t deny the fact that a good price will give you a good result. It will cost you $999 and comes with more facilities and benefits than the other two available plans. You will have the feature of adding 6 presenters per webinar and 5000 attendees. The customer care service is also included in this plan.

WebinarJam offers a 14 day, $1 trial to new users which can be accessed by clicking on this link.

Whom is WebinarJam best suited for?

WebinarJam is meant to interact with a larger audience without spending a huge amount on the arrangements of such meetings. It can be for the business purpose, to promote your passion/interest, create awareness among people regarding an initiative, or influence the public.

When purchased for official purposes, the software can be used to conduct regular employee meetings, discuss the company goals and targets, work on the existing issues, and focus on development. The CEOs, managers, and team leaders can give presentations from home. This would save their time and effort in travelling, thereby giving more output.

The software will prove great for the gig economy. Companies operating from home can use it for the smooth functioning of their office and carry out all the work processes without any hindrance. Sharing of data charts, images, videos, and PowerPoint slides is also possible through WebinarJam and hence it can work as a virtual office.

The software can also be used by social workers who want to create awareness among people regarding an initiative. Connecting to masses at a time and option to replay those videos by the end number of people will further help in the cause. The videos can also be shared on social media sites, giving more publicity.

It is also of great use for Educational institutes (Colleges, Training centres, Universities), Part-time work and distance learning courses, vocational corporate enterprises industrial and scientific institutes.

Besides, the platform is of great help for artistes, comedians, and entertainers who work with the help of the audience. Now, they don’t have to book a venue, hire a team, and conduct events. Instead, the software can help to conduct shows online and create a fanbase.

WebinarJam allows for easy interaction and communication. Therefore, listeners on the other side can give their opinions, ask questions to the presenter, and criticise the work. This would help the organiser to improve further

Customer reviews of WebinarJam

If you really want to know how a product, in reality, is, customer reviews are the most trustworthy pieces of information to read. So, we have tried to summarize the reviews to make your job easy.

One of the most popular features among the users is the software’s automated features. From creating a webinar to inviting attendees to record the video, everything is done by the software itself. Appreciating the same, a customer wrote “I love the fact most things are already done for you, like Thank You page templates that are very cool. Most things you only need to upload or accept the suggested items.”

Easy interaction with the users and customization feature is equally appreciated by the customers. They feel that communication has helped them build trust with the attendees and convince them about their authenticity, and the customization has helped to approach every client differently and make them feel worthy. “Intuitive and the interface is beautiful. I love the fact that I have the flexibility to customize the platform. My clients love the fact that they can actively interact with me and others,’ says another user of WebinarJam.

For a regular user of this software, it’s the ease of use and functionality that makes it an amazing purchase. He also feels that fantastic customer service has given him a strong reason to continue using this software. “The best of any platform I use and they respond in a few hours,” he describes his experience with the customer service.

There were few users who loved the software but had few complaints regarding the video quality and a few had minor issues with customer service.

The product has been described as ‘useful’, ‘flexible, ‘easy to use’ and ‘trustworthy’, making 90 percent of the customers satisfied and happy with the results. The flaws can be taken into consideration by WebinarJam’s team so that improvisations can be done.



  • Intuitive user interface allows easy functioning of the software.
  • It is really affordable- the basic plan for beginners is pocket-friendly.
  • There are innumerable training videos for the users to get a better understanding of the software.
  • In case of any difficulty or complication, one can always take help from customer care. The service is available 24/7. Also, the chat feature is available for easy communication without any cost.
  • The webinar sessions are recorded automatically, which can be used in the future.
  • The multiple languages help in better communication with people from all across the world. Language is no more a hindrance.
  • It’s compatibility with different OS and web browsers is highly appreciable.
  • The available page templates for different webinars are highly customizable.
  • Public and private interaction with attendees is very easy.
  • The display is HD and will give you a phenomenal experience.
  • Free drawing, eraser, different font sizes, colours, graphics and much more, the software offers everything.
  • A visual editor named PageJam engine helps in customizing the library of professionally designed registration pages.
  • The registration process takes just a click.
  • There is a 30-days money-back guarantee, which is attractive.
  • There is another interesting feature of sending voice and text messages to your attendees as a notification, right before your webinar starts.
  • Web camera, screen sharing, and pre-recorded videos can be easily blended in a single screen.


Though there are so many good points about the software, we can’t deny the fact that there are some disadvantages as well. We have listed a few of the negative points below.

  • The Enterprise plan is a bit expensive and not meant for beginners. Only if you are an expert in the field and need the software for highly professional jobs, you can think of investing in the plan.
  • It is difficult to track which attendee clicked on which option.
  • The Reconnect–Connectivity Issues button is most of the time visible on the screen, even when there is no connectivity issue.
  • People sometimes experience a few seconds of delay from the live to what appears on the screen of attendees.

Overall, the positives overshadow the negatives. The software is really affordable and offers some really good features (as mentioned above). It will help you in widening your audience by attracting more users. So, there is no harm in starting with the basic plan and gradually deciding if you want an upgrade or not.

How to get started on WebinarJam:

WebinarJam is offering a 14 day, $1 registration offer. To get started simply click on this link.

To learn how to start using WebinarJam check out this great video by Doug Cunnington.

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