WebinarJam Vs. Gotowebinar Comparison 2020

Webinar marketing has become more popular in recent times. It has developed into an effective means of delivering valuable content to target audiences. Such online meetings have been effective in enhancing audience engagement as well as encouraging brand loyalty.

This growth has led to an increase in webinar software services. As such, you may wonder how you can sell your services using a webinar or increase attendee engagement. Choosing the best software for your webinar as well as webinar tools will go a long way. With several webinar services online, it may be difficult to pick. This WebinarJam and Gotowebinar comparison can give you an idea of the features and services both offer.


WebinarJam (Click this link for detailed information on WebinarJam pricing)offers yearly plans and the cheapest one starts at $499 per annum. There are three yearly plans and the basic plan costs $499 per year and is restricted to 2 presenters as well as 500 attendees. The professional plan offers more at $699 a per for 4 presenters and around 2,000 attendees. The enterprise plan is the most expensive plan and it costs $999 per year for 6 presenters as well as 5000 attendees.

Gotowebinar offers monthly packages that start from $89 per month. The pricing model is done by subscription and it has a free trial with no credit card required. This 30-day free trial offers up to 100 attendees per webinar and unlimited free webinar service. users also get free product training with 24/7 support and instant meetings with GoToMeeting. Check out more details on GoToWebinar pricing by clicking this link.


Both WebinarJam (Click this link for our detailed analysis of WebinarJam features)and Gotowebinar (Click this link for our detailed review of GoToWebinar features) offer webcam and screen-sharing, chat polls, and Q & As, on-demand webinars, registration page, and webinar automation. The latter offers registration source tracking while WebinarJam doesn’t. some other shared features include webinar replays, analytics reports, and multilanguage. WebinarJam stands out in multi hosts, live chat, and social media promotion as Gotowebinar doesn’t provide those features.

Number of attendees

WebinarJam allows 6 presenters, 5000 attendees, and 4-hour max time while Gotowebinar is restricted to 300 attendees.

Customer support

WebinarJam does not offer phone support, email support, or have a knowledge base. However, it offers online support and video tutorials to guide you in setting up. On the other hand, Gotowebinar offers phone and online support as well as video tutorials and knowledge base. Sadly, it doesn’t offer email support.

Click this link for WebinarJam Customer support and login details.

Click this link for GoToWebinar Customer support and login details.

Advanced features

WebinarJam has more advanced features for sales and marketing. Some include the call to action feature, countdown timer, and live update when a new item is purchased. Gotowebinar lacks marketing and conversion-focused features. From the basic registration page that cannot be customized to the user interface that is more suitable for a corporate world, it doesn’t really bring advanced features to the table.

Gotowebinar has many awesome features asides from reliability. It is also more expensive than WebinarJam.


If you need a webinar solution to sell services or a product, then WebinarJam brings more to the table. This is because it is specifically designed to help companies sell online using webinars.

However, if you just want a webinar software for hosting team meetings, coaching sessions, and the likes, you can consider Gotowebinar.

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Check out our detailed review of GoToWebinar by clicking here.

For a detailed Comparison of WebinaJam and GoToWebinar check out our table below:


Comparison WebinarJam GotoWebinar
Pricing Basic: $499/year for up to 2 presenters and 500 attendees
Professional: $699/year for up to 4 presenters and 2000 attendees
Enterprise: $999/year for up to 6 presenters and 5000 attendees
Starting from: $89.00/month

Pricing model: Subscription

Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

GoToWebinar offers a 30-day free trial that includes:
Unlimited free Webinar service usage
Up to 100 attendees per Webinar
Audio via telephone and/or mic and speakers
Free product training and 24/7 support
Instant meetings with GoToMeeting®

Number of webinar attendees 6 presenters per webinar, 5000 attendees per webinar, and 4 hours max duration Up to 3000
Product Features
Webcam and Screensharing Yes Yes
On-demand Webinars Yes Yes
Chat, Poll and Q&As Yes Yes
Registration Page Yes Yes
Webinar Automation Yes Yes
Webinar Replays Yes Yes
Analytics Reports Yes Yes
Live Chat with Attendees Yes No
Multi-hosts Yes Yes
Screen Sharing Yes Yes
Social Media Promotion Yes Yes
Notification Emails and Reminders Yes Yes
Advanced Features
Multi-Language Yes Yes
Registration Source Tracking No Yes
Advanced Customer Branding Yes No
Advanced Email Customization No No
Customer Support
Phone No Yes
Online Yes Yes
Emaiil No No
Knowledge base No Yes
Video tutorials Yes Yes
Number of integrations
Dropbox No No
Facebook No No
G Suite No No
Gmail No No
Google Analytics No No
Google Calendar No No
Google Drive No No
HubSpot CRM No Yes
HubSpot Marketing No Yes
Mailchimp Yes Yes
Microsoft Dynamics CRM No No
Microsoft Outlook No No
Office 365 No No
Pipedrive No No
Salesforce Sales Cloud No No
Slack No No
WordPress No Yes
Zapier Yes Yes
Zendesk No No
Zoho CRM No No

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